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New 1/72 La-5 by Prop&Jet!

I want to acquaint all with with contents of this set. There there are
details from resin, aircraft canopies (vacform), decal and the
instruction (the ruler isn't included!  Smiley ).

Aircraft canopies very thin and transparent.

Further I will simply result photos of details (My poor lexicon does tiresome the description. I am afraid you will read basically words
"Super!", " It is fine!"and "is delightful!"  Grin).

The engine and propeller is very carefully executed.

Back edges of a wing and elevators very thin. It is delightful it is
reproduced has sagged cloths.

The fuselage surface is well worked.

Decal contains above 30 variants of coloring. There are practically all
known (whith photo) La-5 with fuselage spine fairing. Quality of the
press the excellent!

I know as carefully the author studied drawings before this work. And I declare that it is the most exact model La-5 in 1/72 for today.

To get this set it is possible directly at the author - as know as Walker.


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